The Vegan Voter Hub is a tool for Vegans to show their support to policy makers and to flex our voting power.  When Policy Organizations like AFA push for systemic change, we must quickly mobilize vegan voters & even vegan commentary that support those changes.  Politicians need to know your stance on Food Policy at the local, State and Federal Level, but with the power of a centralized, large group who feel the same way.  Sign up to support vegan aligned policy by completing all questions. We are more powerful when we centralize.

Our Farm Bill Priorities

1. Local Food Supply and Plant-Based Hubs

Increase access, funding & programs

2. Farmer Mobility and Choice to Transition to Plant Based or Plant Based Vertical Farming

3. Accessibility to Nutrients of Public Health Concern via Plant Based Foods to all Americans

4. Plate to Planet Soil Regeneration

5. Plant-Based Growers Safety Nets

Increases Accessibility by reducing risk

6. Racial Equity to BIPOC Consumers and Farmers

Build economic wealth of systemically marginalized communities + expands decision making power of the food system to those communities

7.  Prevent the Oversupply of Animal Production within the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill cannot end Animal Ag, but it can reduce/limit oversupply with the right guardrails

8. Make sure Bailouts & Insurance Policies are accurate & fair