Nutrient dense & high-fiber foods – like fresh produce and nuts cost more – Let’s address this.

Whether broadly in the Farm Bill…specifically through Ag Appropriations spending…or even through disaster relief bills like the Covid CARES act, federal agriculture funds are incredibly unfair to all consumers and negatively affect our health by making these foods less accessible. It’s clear when the government continues to favor livestock farmers with our taxes that we all must do something about it.  That something is change food policy. 

USA Ag Bailouts

CFAP 1 – $11.8 Billion

$10.8 Billion (92%) went to Livestock, Dairy & Livestock Feed

  • Livestock – $6.25 Billion
  • Milk – $1.83 Billion
  • Livestock Feed – $2.76 Billion


Fiber Rich Foods – 21x to 100x less 

  • Strawberries – $47.2MM
  • Broccoli – $29.38 Million
  • Pears – $20.27 Million