Farmers receive support from the government via a multitude of subsidized insurance programs, margin protection schemes, and direct payments.

This is the chart we use to pro-rate subsidies to grain producers in order to determine the amount that’s subsidizing animal feed.

1995-2019Product% we can attribute
to livestock
1Corn Subsidies36%*
2Wheat Subsidies20%&
3Soybean Subsidies70%**
6Disaster Payments33%
7Rice Subsidies0%
8Livestock Subsidies100%
9Sorghum Subsidies90%~
10Dairy Program Subsidies100%
12Env. Quality Incentive Program0%
13Barley Subsidies50%
18Oat Subsidies95%§
* (corn)
& (wheat) – placeholder value until source can be found
** (soy)
~ (sorghum)
‡ (barley)
§ (oat)

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