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The Agriculture Fairness Alliance (AFA) is a national advocacy organization pushing for policy changes that make sustainable plant-based foods accessible to all consumers at an affordable price, while empowering communities to develop local plant-based agriculture systems, and help farmers align with this mission.

It’s Farm Bill Season – It’s time to take our street fight to Congress

Check out our Farm Bill 2023 Priorities & join us to support these goals. 2023 Farm Bill Recommendations

Help AFA transform food system policy!

1. Vegan Voter Hub

UNITE FOR CHANGE: the Vegan Voter Hub is the centralized platform for vegans to make their voices heard in shaping food policy.

Vegan Voter Hub

Vegan Voter Hub

2. Learn about AFA legislation

UNITE FOR EQUITY: Join AFA in the fight for equity in our food system: Our FARMS Legislation prioritizes small farmers and Black & Indigenous farmers, working to empower them to transition out of livestock farming.



3. Lobbying for Farm Bill Change

UNITE FOR POLICY: In August 2022, the Agriculture Fairness Alliance (AFA) launched an ambitious campaign to shape the future of American agriculture by kicking off their Farm Bill Priorities in Washington D.C. Learn about our Farm Bill Priorities that aim to provide farmers with the tools, resources and support they need to grow plant based, sustainable and equitable food systems that benefit all communities.  Learn more.

Agriculture Fairness Alliance is proud to have been able to kick-off our Farm Bill 2023 Priorities in-person in DC in August! It was an eye-opening trip and was so impactful to be able to represent Vegans for this Farm Bill Season. We feel that having our Board Members join our Lobbyists in-person gives us an undeniable presence and so we will be heading back in late October and again early 2023.

4. Join Us

Support AFA’s mission by joining our community and becoming a donor. Your contribution will empower us to hire more advocates in Washington D.C. and make an even greater impact on shaping the future of food policy. DONATE



AFA is pushing Congress to:

  • prioritize making nutritious plant based food crops including fiber-rich foods, grains, nuts & fungi accessible to all Americans by increasing subsidies & safety nets.

  • fund ranchers & farmers to transition to plant based farming as a solution to mitigate livestock disease, combat climate impacts and to create a local, healthy food supply.

  •  ensure that a larger share of our taxes are used for direct to consumer plant based options for domestic consumers.

  • reduce the purposeful over-supply & dumping of meat & dairy products through artificially inflated demand.

  • prioritize support for small farmers, as current programs are often primarily utilized by mega farms & CAFOs.

AFA ensures that all programs & legislation that we create or support specifically calls to increase subsidies & bailouts to build the economic power of: Black, Brown, Indigenous & Women Farmers & Consumers.

AFA is engaging with Members of Congress right now – but we need your support!

CURRENT FOCUS: AFA Founder did a big move to D.C. & is now a Federal Lobbyist working on the 2023 Farm Bill!

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