We advocate for policy changes that make sustainable plant-based food accessible to everyone at a price they can afford, empower communities to develop local plant-based agriculture systems, and help farmers align with this mission.

It’s time to take our street fight to Congress

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AFA is pushing Congress to

  • help farmers diversify into growing fiber-rich food crops by introducing the FARMS Act
  • prioritize making fruits and vegetables affordable and accessible to all Americans.
  • level the playing field in federal farm policy so that sustainable and alternative protein-based foods can compete fairly in the free market.
  • make the food system responsive to demand signals from consumers choosing plant-rich diets, to empower their everyday choices in our collective effort to avert a climate crisis.
  • reduce the purposeful over-supply & dumping of meat & dairy (artificial demand).

AFA is engaging with Members of Congress right now – but we need your help!

1. Vegan Voter Hub

Finally, a centralized vegan voter hub that allows the entire movement to be counted and heard is here

Vegan Voter Hub


2. Learn about AFA legislation

AFA legislation starts with equity. Our FARMS Act prioritizes Black & Indigenous farmers.

The Farm and Ranch Mobility Solutions Act


3. Learn the facts

On December 13, 2021, AFA presented the case for prioritizing fiber-rich foods in the farm bill to Congress and the USDA.
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Meet the Dairy Farmer working with AFA to transform farm policy

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