AFA recently hosted a panel of experts to make the case for prioritizing fiber-rich foods across federal farm programs.

Did you know?

The U.S. food system supplies only half the dietary fiber Americans need,

while oversupplying protein.

The Problem

The USDA dietary guidelines tell us that 80% of our plates be comprised of fiber-rich foods. 1

Meanwhile, Americans consume half the dietary fiber they need. 2

Approximately 8% of USDA farm spending supports fiber-rich foods, and only 3% goes to fruits & vegetables. 3

Is it any wonder that the US Food System supplies only half of the dietary fiber that Americans need? 4

Hmm …


AFA draft Legislation

AFA proposes draft legislation that will create a USDA pilot program to help farmers transition into producing fiber-rich food crops.

AFA Announces Funding for UW-Madison Project

AFA recently announced grant funding to the University of Wisconsin – Madison to develop the ‘Compass Fruit & Nut Evaluation Tool’ to help farmers evaluate the suitability of various fiber-rich crops.

[ AFA/UW-Madison Press Release ]

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AFA’s Farm Bill Recommendations

Letter to the Honorable Tom Vilsack

‘The Case for Fiber-rich foods in Farm Policy’ Webinar



Topic [ Panelist Remarks ]Speaker
Purpose and panel intro3 Addison Stark, Moderator
Introductory remarks Kristy Anderson,
American Heart Association 
What happens when people eat enough fiber & what happens when they don’t6Dr. Will Bulsciewicz, MD
It doesn’t have to be this way, and it wasn’t always this way
Nutrition equity: Increasing dietary fiber intake in Black communities
3Tracye McQuirter, MPH
Shaping the Path
Opportunities for fiber-rich food producers
3Miyoko Schinner, CEO Miyoko’s Creamery
Shaping the Path
A dairyman’s story of a farm transition
3Paul Jereczek,
Farmer, Dodge WI 
Prioritizing fiber-rich foods
(production -> accessibility) in U.S. Farm Policy (link)
6Laura Reese
Agriculture Fairness Alliance


in order of appearance

Addison Stark, PhD

Addison Stark directs Clark Street’s Energy and Environment program. Mr. Stark is moderating this meeting.

Clark Street Associates

Kristy Anderson

Senior Government Relations Advisor at American Heart Association | American Stroke Association


Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, MD MSCI

Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) from Northwestern University | Certificate in nutrition from Cornell University | Board-certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology | Expert in digestive diseases and the gut


Tracye McQuirter, MPH

Founder and CEO of 10 Million Black Vegan Women | Adjunct professor at the University of the District of Columbia Center for Nutrition, Diet and Health


Miyoko Schinner

Founder and CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery

Miyoko’s award-winning plant-based cheeses are found in thousands of stores across the USA


Paul Jereczek

Agriculture Producer | Dodge, Wisconsin

Multi-generational dairy farmer, interested in diversifying his farm to hazelnut production. 

Paul’s Story (Video)

Laura Reese

CEO of Agriculture Fairness Alliance