Plant-based companies and sanctuaries may be eligible for government subsidies and grants. AFA will help you navigate the existing programs and guide your submission. This, in addition to lobbying for US farm policy to shift to sustainable and non-exploitative plant-based agriculture. Oh, and we’ll tell our fans and followers about how awesome you are too.

Align Missions

As an AFA corporate sponsor, you further the original goals that got you started in the first place: shifting the world to plant-based foods.

AFA Corporate sponsors get involved in actual lobbying as much or as little as they like.

Access Grants & Subsidies

Congress allocates hundreds of millions of dollars every year to spur innovations in the plant-based industry.

AFA works with corporate sponsors to write grants to access Federal Grant Program money.

For example, the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program recently granted $110k for a mushroom production improvement project and $28k to develop processes making yogurt out of dry edible beans.


AFA makes sure our members, volunteers, subscribers, and thousands of social media followers keep up with the good work our mission-aligned corporate sponsors are doing. So keep doing the good work of sponsoring AFA’s lobbying activities in DC, and AFA will shout your support from the rooftops.

Of course, opting for discretion and privacy is always an option. Be sure to indicate that preference when you become a corporate sponsor today.