Last Updated: April, 2021

Agriculture Fairness Alliance recognizes everyone’s inherent worth and is committed to providing a professional and safe work environment free from discrimination, bullying and non-sexual harassment, sexual and gender-related harassment, other inappropriate conduct, and retaliation.

Discrimination and harassment can have significant negative effects on the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of the individuals experiencing these harmful behaviors and may also affect the wellbeing of bystanders witnessing these harmful behaviors. In addition to their insidious effects on individuals, discrimination and harassment also harm team morale, the overall culture, productivity, and long-term sustainability of the organization and, ultimately, our ability to carry out our organizational mission and impact animals.

We are therefore publishing this statement as a notice while we develop an internal policy that demonstrates our commitment to complying with all non-discrimination and anti-harassment laws in all of the countries in which we operate and to create an organizational culture in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect.