If you joined AFA prior to June 1, 2019, and chose PayPal as your payment method, we’d like to point out two things:

  1. Thank you for continuing to support our lobbying efforts in DC! Seriously, we couldn’t do it without members like you!
  2. You joined before we had completed setting up the nonprofit paperwork and AFA PayPal account. As a result, your PayPal donations are still going to one of our private, personal PayPal accounts. Don’t worry, we sweep the donations from the personal account to the official AFA nonprofit account at the end of each month. So rest assured, your donations are going to lobbying.

That said, we’d really like to move you over to the new system. If you can do the following by close-of-business Monday, November 30, that will rectify this issue for the new year.

1. Cancel your PayPal recurring donation

To do this, log into your PayPal account and cancel from there. Find more information here.

2. Go to afa.farm/join and sign up again

You can use your same donorbox and PayPal accounts for this

Will you help us by moving over to the new system? It’d be so much cleaner to move everyone over to the official accounts.

We will be canceling these dozen or so remaining old-system PayPal recurring donations from our end during the last week in December to make sure we are no longer receiving any in the new year.