Your D.C. Rep Needs To Hear From You!

Take a seat at the political table and let your Congressional Representatives hear from you on just how important it is for them to prioritize plant-based farming practices and transition programs.

Between the mounting ramifications of climate change, a system that floods the market with unhealthy foods, imbalanced taxpayer-funded farm subsidies, an escalating fiber crisis, plus increasing consumer desires to adopt plant-rich diets, there is no shortage of topics to address. 

Town halls are super important because they provide constituents (you!) face-to-face time with your elected lawmakers. Although most town halls occur during congressional recess periods, many lawmakers hold them throughout other times of the year as well. You can learn more about town halls and preparation tips by checking out this Advocacy Toolkit: Attending a Town Hall.

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Keep in mind virtual town halls are highly effective, too. They may be the only option during the ongoing pandemic. Getting added to your Rep’s auto-calls for these opportunities is a great way to stay engaged.

So how ’bout it? Let your voice be heard by asking your federal Rep a specific question that’s in line with AFA’s legislative initiatives on helping farmers transition to plant-centric + profitable food production. It makes so much sense towards establishing a brighter future that benefits all, right? We think many smart folks on Capitol Hill actually agree, too. They just need to hear from you to make it count.

Get out front!

Step 1: Find your Congressional district and Rep at

Step 2: Find public events & virtual town halls held by your Rep at

Step 3: Prepare your question(s). Here are a few examples:

Sample Question

The USDA recommends that 50% of our diet consist of fruits and vegetables. Yet, only 2% of USDA spending via farm programs supports fruit and vegetable production. How can Congress ensure our tax dollars are used for healthier and safer food production that aligns with federal dietary guidance?

Sample Question

Project Drawdown has identified adopting plant-rich diets as the fourth most effective climate solution that humanity can pursue. What can Congress do to make sure that U.S. farm and food policies empower Americans who are eager to take part in this solution?

Step 4: Keep us posted on how it went! Send us a note here

Top 3 Tips for Taking the Mic

  • Start by thanking your Rep for something specific (e.g. cosponsoring HR 4108)
  • Stick to (1) topic
  • Keep it simple: make your ask very specific and agreeable