The FARMS Amendment


AFA’s FARMS Act will help American farmers transition or diversify into growing sustainable, fiber-rich crops.

Special prioritization will be given to Black, Indigenous, Veteran, and Socially Disadvantaged farmers.

The FARMS Amendment

Read the FARMS Act here:
AFA Farmer and Rancher Mobility for Sustainability Program

FARMS 2: A version that specifically prioritizes transitions to production of fiber-rich foods

On November 2, 2021, the Senate Agriculture Committee held a hearing on the State of Nutrition in America 2021. Senators and panelists laid out a clear case for the Farms amendment. Check it out.

The nutrition crisis is a policy failure because while the gov’t tells us our plates should consist largely of fruits & vegetables, currently less than 2% of federal ag subsidies go to these healthy foods.”

Senator Cory Booker in the Nov 2 Hearing