The Power of Federal Policy on Food Equity

Recently, AFA hosted a webinar making the case for prioritizing fiber-rich foods in farm policy. Tracye McQuirter, MPH, public health nutritionist, author, and founder of 10 Million Black Vegan Women joined a panel of experts making the case to prioritize fiber-rich foods in federal policy. Here, she explains that in the 1960s, African Americans were […]

AFA Letters to the Editor

AFA Supporters Have Been Busy!

AFA Letters to the Editor (LtEs) and Op-Eds advance AFA’s mission by creating a calling card that AFA’s Government Affairs Advocates can use to get a meeting with your representatives. LtEs socialize messaging that AFA lobbying depends on. When voters care about the issues we care about, that translates to voting power. AFA-supporter published Letters […]


Introducing the FARMS Act

AFA’s draft legislation, the “Farm and Ranch Mobility Solutions Act” (FARMS) is for American farmers wanting to transition or diversify into growing fiber-rich food crops. With FARMS, farmers will have options to participate in the fast-growing plant-based food industry. As they diversify, they’ll alleviate America’s dietary fiber crisis. Read more about the FARMS Act here.

Press Release

Wednesday, December 16, 2021 Agriculture Fairness Alliance Announces Award Benefiting UW-Madison Fruit and Nut Compass   The Agriculture Fairness Alliance (AFA), a nonprofit dedicated to supporting farmers diversifying into fiber-rich food crops, is pleased to announce grant funding for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Integrated Agriculture Systems Fruit and Nut Compass program.  Coverage in Sustainable […]

Senator Booker on the U.S. Nutrition Crisis

On November 2, 2021, Senator Booker and Senator Braun invited experts to testify on problems of and solutions for the nation’s nutrition crisis. These are excerpts from Senator Booker’s opening statements. All of our witnesses agree on the following facts – that we are facing a massive, broad-based nutrition crisis. Where diet-related diseases pose a […]

Calling all Voters in California 20th District

If you vote in the California 20th district and want federal farm policy to prioritize plant-based foods for humans rather than industrial commodity crops for livestock, then please sign your name to our letter that asks Representative Panetta to introduce legislation that will help farmers transition. Reasons for FARMS legislation: Sustainability for climate action: Adopting plant-rich […]

Calling all Georgia Voters

If you (or someone you know) vote in Georgia and want federal farm policy to prioritize plant-based foods for humans, then please sign your name to AFA’s letter that asks Senator Raphael Warnock to introduce legislation that will help farmers transition to producing these foods. Black, Indigenous, and Socially Disadvantaged farmers will be first in […]

Act Now on S2860

Act Now to Fix Checkoff Programs

Checkoff programs conduct marketing and research on behalf of all producers of a particular commodity in the nation. Producers have little say in marketing, research is full of motivated reasoning, and corruption in governance is well documented. To fix this, you can act now on S2860 and S2861. If passed, these bills would make checkoff […]

2020 USDA Farm Spending

In 2020, the USDA spent at least $52 billion on farm programs. $45,687,724,000 direct government payments + $6,318,773,649 crop insurance premium subsidies = $52,006,497,649 US Farm Spending was less than 3% for Fruits and Vegetables Based on publicly available data, AFA estimates that supports for fruits and vegetables, not including soy or peanuts, totaled $1.2 […]