Press Release

Wednesday, December 16, 2021

Agriculture Fairness Alliance Announces Award Benefiting UW-Madison Fruit and Nut Compass  

The Agriculture Fairness Alliance (AFA), a nonprofit dedicated to supporting farmers diversifying into fiber-rich food crops, is pleased to announce grant funding for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Integrated Agriculture Systems Fruit and Nut Compass program. 

Coverage in Sustainable Agriculture Today

Under the direction of John Hendrickson, this grant will help fund the development of the Fruit and Nut Compass tool. The Fruit and Nut Compass puts robust decision-making capability at farmers’ fingertips so they can evaluate the suitability, economics, and profitability of fruit and nut production for their farm enterprise. It builds on the success of the Center’s Veggie Compass, as well as other decision-making tools for other types of producers, including: Livestock Compass and OGRAIN Compass.

AFA’s Executive Director Laura Reese envisions a bright future for this new collaboration: “When farmers have viable options for diversifying production to fiber-rich food crops, producers gain new tools for tackling climate change, building soil fertility, and growing food for people in a restorative manner. AFA is thrilled to help the University of Wisconsin continue the important work of the Fruit and Nut Compass.”