Farm Bill 2023 Priorities in-person in DC in August

Agriculture Fairness Alliance is proud to have been able to kick-off our Farm Bill 2023 Priorities in-person in DC in August! It was an eye-opening trip and was so impactful to be able to represent Vegans for this Farm Bill Season. We feel that having our Board Members join our Lobbyists in-person gives us an […]

Some words from our new Champion, Niloofar

If AFA gets the lobbyists they seek, they have a high chance of instigating a paradigm shift in the way subsidized Big Ag and Big Food have been operating without accountability. Please join me at the $200/month level. Thank you. – Niloofar Asgharian

The FARMS Act: For Public Health

A True Health Crisis Government spending to treat diet-related diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes, accounts for 54% of the $383.6 billion dollars in health care costs to treat these conditions. Think of the lives and dollars that could be saved if people had access to diets that prevent these diseases in the first […]

Climate Smart Ag

The FARMS Act: Climate-Smart Ag Policy

Fiber-rich Foods are Low-GHG By aiming farm policy to prioritize plant-based (i.e. fiber-rich) foods, the USDA could contribute hundreds of tons of CO2 eq to carbon drawdown efforts every year. (Of note, fiber is only found in plant-based foods.) AFA proposes the Farm and Ranch Mobility Solutions Act (FARMS) as climate-smart ag policy, here’s why: Potential for Carbon Drawdown […]

New Oxford study simulates outcomes if global agriculture subsidies shifted

According to publicly available data, the US is severely undersupplying dietary fiber as a nutrient, so it’s no surprise that most Americans only eat half the daily recommended dietary fiber. In fact, over 90% of Americans are fiber deficient, a deficiency that is linked to the most common, deadly, and costly diseases we face. A […]

New Johns Hopkins study says farm policies impact public health

US farm spending should make sense. Based on publicly available data, AFA estimates that only 8% of federal farm spending goes toward producing fiber-rich foods, even when federal nutritional guidelines urge us to fill 80% of our plates with these same foods. And only 3% of farm spending goes to producing fruits and veggies, even […]

Market Facilitation Program & FOIA

In early 2021, AFA decided to analyze US federal agriculture subsidies for 2020. It was no small task as it required tracking down nonpublic data from siloed USDA agency websites. Not only was the data not uniform across agencies, sometimes the data simply weren’t there. For example, there was no published data showing how much […]

The Power of Federal Policy on Food Equity

Recently, AFA hosted a webinar making the case for prioritizing fiber-rich foods in farm policy. Tracye McQuirter, MPH, public health nutritionist, author, and founder of 10 Million Black Vegan Women joined a panel of experts making the case to prioritize fiber-rich foods in federal policy. Here, she explains that in the 1960s, African Americans were […]