The FARMS Amendment


AFA’s FARMS Act will help American farmers transition or diversify into growing sustainable, fiber-rich crops. Special prioritization will be given to Black, Indigenous, Veteran, and Socially Disadvantaged farmers. Read the FARMS Act here:AFA Farmer and Rancher Mobility for Sustainability Program FARMS 2: A version that specifically prioritizes transitions to production of fiber-rich foods On November […]

Dollar For Dollar AFA Membership Match

We Did It! An AFA plant-powered activist pledged $3,000 with a challenge to increase AFA membership and hire our next lobbyist. Thank you to the dozens of supporters who earned AFA the full match (and then some)! This campaign ended at midnight on August 15, 2021.

AFA Letter to Congress Results

A Letter to Congress

Fifteen signatories and AFA sent a letter to Congressional leaders on May 12 calling to end factory farms, bust up big ag monopolies, and help animal farmers transition to sustainable and non-exploitative businesses while retaining their land. Over the next month, AFA supporters reported sending more than 300 letters to their representatives and senators. Congressmen […]

15 Allies Signed AFA’s Letter to Congress

Agriculture Fairness Alliance and fourteen allies who all want the US food system to transition away from animal proteins and toward plant-based nutrition sent a letter to Congress on Tuesday calling to end factory farming, break up animal agriculture monopolies, and pass AFA’s At-Risk Farmer legislation into law. Follow these easy steps to send the […]