Where’s the Big Broccoli Lobby?

Not sure about you, but here at AFA, we’re a bit tired of seeing certain big money interests influencing our lawmakers while the average American, you and me, isn’t really benefiting — particularly when it comes to our food system. That’s why it’s so important we remind our Members of Congress that their constituents not only demand […]

The FARMS Amendment


AFA’s FARMS Act will help American farmers transition or diversify into growing sustainable, fiber-rich crops. Special prioritization will be given to Black, Indigenous, Veteran, and Socially Disadvantaged farmers. Read the FARMS Act here:AFA Farmer and Rancher Mobility for Sustainability Program FARMS 2: A version that specifically prioritizes transitions to production of fiber-rich foods On November […]

Calling all Voters in California 20th District

If you vote in the California 20th district and want federal farm policy to prioritize plant-based foods for humans rather than industrial commodity crops for livestock, then please sign your name to our letter that asks Representative Panetta to introduce legislation that will help farmers transition. Reasons for FARMS legislation: Sustainability for climate action: Adopting plant-rich […]

Calling all Georgia Voters

If you (or someone you know) vote in Georgia and want federal farm policy to prioritize plant-based foods for humans, then please sign your name to AFA’s letter that asks Senator Raphael Warnock to introduce legislation that will help farmers transition to producing these foods. Black, Indigenous, and Socially Disadvantaged farmers will be first in […]

The Office of Urban Ag Needs More Funding

Global supply chains are destabilizing. Americans’ access to nutritious plant foods is inequitable. In response, local food movements are on the rise. The Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production is uniquely positioned to empower local food projects in urban areas, thereby improving domestic food resiliency and public health. Nov 19, 2021 Build Back Better […]

Act Now on S2860

Act Now to Fix Checkoff Programs

Checkoff programs conduct marketing and research on behalf of all producers of a particular commodity in the nation. Producers have little say in marketing, research is full of motivated reasoning, and corruption in governance is well documented. To fix this, you can act now on S2860 and S2861. If passed, these bills would make checkoff […]

Act Now S2860

HR 4108 will bring Plant-based Options to Public Schools

HR 4108, the Healthy Future Students and Earth Pilot Program Act of 2021 will create a pilot grant program to provide healthy, climate-friendly plant-based meals in our Nation’s public schools. [ Jump to email-writing steps ] It would amend the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act to establish a pilot grant program to make […]

Your D.C. Rep Needs To Hear From You!

Take a seat at the political table and let your Congressional Representatives hear from you on just how important it is for them to prioritize plant-based farming practices and transition programs. Between the mounting ramifications of climate change, a system that floods the market with unhealthy foods, imbalanced taxpayer-funded farm subsidies, an escalating fiber crisis, plus […]

66 Senators voted to not hold methane emitters accountable for methane emissions

On August 10, 2021, the Senate voted on amendment 3115 to the infrastructure bill. Senate adopts Ernst (R-IA) amendment “to establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund relating to prohibiting or limiting the issuance of costly Clean Air Act permit requirements on farmers and ranchers in the US or the imposition of new federal methane requirements.”  Your […]

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