What if the USDA aligned Farm Programs with Nutritional Guidelines?

The USDA says we should eat mostly plants. Meanwhile, half of the subsidies in 2020 benefited meat producers. In other words, there’s a split personality at the USDA.

USDA MyPlate Nutritional Recommendations

These diametric policies undermine the choices of Americans who try so hard to make sure everything they buy is plant-based.

Consider that even small increases subsidies to fruits and vegetables would translate to thousands of American lives saved every year from cardio-vascular disease. Furthermore, fruit and vegetable production doesn’t produce climate-warming greenhouse gasses like meat & dairy. Therefore, it only follows that shifting USDA subsidies to better match USDA nutritional guidelines would make a heap of good sense.

What if USDA Subsidies & Bailouts Favored Plant-based Foods?

AFA lobbies to shift USDA farm subsidies & bailouts to better match USDA nutritional guidelines

AFA is lobbying to shift farm policy to level the playing field. Only then will plant-based foods be able to compete fairly in the free market.

What you can do: Spread the Word! Like, comment, and share AFA’s social media posts about the MyPlate / Subsidy disparity at USDA, and tell your reps to shift subsidies

If enough of us call for farm subsidies to be aligned to promote nutritional guidelines, then perhaps the split personality at the USDA can be resolved. A unified USDA could mean improved public health and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.