Total Liberation, Nov 28, 2021

Episode 76
Mexie speaks with AFA co-founder Connie Spence (aka Vegan Batgirl) about changing the laws that govern industrial agriculture and educating the public around how Big Ag operates.

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Our Hen House, Sep 18, 2021

Episode 610
Jasmin and Laura discuss advancing plant-rich legislation in DC.
Catch the previous episode 466 with AFA co-founder, Connie Spence.

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Switch 4 Good, Aug 18, 2021

Episode 140
Currently, AFA is working on legislation to incorporate into the next Farm Bill that will help animal farmers transition to plant-based farmers. In this episode, Laura delivers on subsidy 101 and elucidates on the problems and actions we all can take to make our dollars count. 

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Plant Paradigm Podcast, July 5, 2021

Episode 94
The key topics in today’s episode:
– Working with politicians, about AFA, where subsidies go, the monopolized market, shifting the market, farmer equity, dairy farm environmental impact, how to keep vested interests out, Follow the money, Net-Zero by 2050, lowering the cost of healthy food, Addressing racism, low hanging fruits in policies

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Bellingham Veg Fest Radio, June 6, 2021

– what are subsidies and bailouts
– how we can work together to shift farm policy

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The Vedge Talk Episode 84, April 2021

“In this conversation we covered:
– becoming vegan and starting her activism in Italy.
– the environmental impact of our food choices.
– how a Reddit AMA became the catalyst for AFA.
– learning about subsidies on feed crops and animal agriculture.
– helping farmers transition away from current agriculture practices. Listen 🎧

Episode 22, March 6, 2021

Laura Reese of the Agriculture Fairness Alliance (AFA) has dedicated herself to dismantling this rigged system. Laura breaks down the intricacies of the government subsidies and bailouts that keep animal agriculture doing business as usual even when demand for their product drops, undermining consumer choices and the free market. Listen 🎧

Bearded Vegans Ep. 254, Nov 11, 2020

“Connie Spence and Laura Montonye Reese explain why our tax dollars tend to counteract any potential good our consumer habits might be doing, and what we can do about that. If the murky world of lobbying, subsidies, and bailouts is confusing to you as it was to us, we hope this interview is illuminating, informative, and most importantly, inspirational.” – Paul and Andy of the Bearded Vegans Listen (the Commentist). 🎧

Climate Healers Oct 31, 2020

Laura presents Obstacles and Opportunities for System Change including an overview of the ag lobby in DC, and how we can work together to bring our voice to farm policy. Watch 🎬

(this was the talk that first attracted Jane Velez Mitchell to become a member, and start the club)

Beyond Species, Ep 8, March 2020

Connie is a founding member of the Agriculture Fairness Alliance, based in the US. She speaks about the need for getting political, and to direct much-needed resources into lobbying for system change. Connie explains how the supply and demand rhetoric fails within a food system rigged by the government and the industry, resulting in overproduction and stockpiling. A holistic approach is needed if we want to achieve animal liberation. Listen (apple podcast). 🎧

Season 1, Episode 4, January 2020

Connie Spence, an outspoken anti-oppression activist, discusses using creative tactics in activism, systemic racism in the food system, and unjust farm subsidies. Listen 🎧

Our Hen House Episode 466, Dec 2018

Connie Spence and Jasmin discuss unfairness in farm subsidies. Listen 🎧

Andrew Alexander interviewed Laura for a segment in his documentary called Vegan World ( ) not sure when it’s going to come out, but the raw interviews are available on his Vegan Health Pack channel. He interviewed Emma Hurst and David Simon too, among others.