Everything AFA does is free. We’re not selling anything – we’re simply lobbying for change.

If you are struggling or feeling stuck, we are working to get legislation passed that will transition struggling farmers off of animal agriculture and onto a sustainable and successful form of plant-based agriculture.

Just Ask Farmer Paul

Paul lobbied with AFA to ask Congress to pass At-Risk Farmer legislation that would help farmers like him and you to transition from animal farming to using your land for sustainable plant farming or solar or wind energy production.

It could be solar farms, wind farms, mushrooms, mycelium (a fungus used in building structures), organic vegetables, oats, hazelnut trees – there are so many ideas! If the legislation passes, then the program could change over your building, your equipment, test your soil, give training – anything to make sure you get a successful start in a new form of farming. If you are interested or want to know more, please contact us.

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