According to NASS,1 nearly 1 million acres grow lentils, dry peas and chickpeas.

Planted on just under 400,000 acres in Montana, lentils bring $90 million to the state every year. Lentils are rich in protein, folate, dietary fiber, and iron.

[ NASS ]

Pea protein is one of the fastest-growing plant-based food ingredients. It’s valued for emulsification, gelling, and foaming properties.

[ GFI Plant Protein Primer ]

The U.S. produces only 1% of the world’s chickpeas. Still, over 100,000 acres were harvested in Montana in 2020, and acreage is expected to increase in the future.

[ Montana State University ]


75,000 acres of Montana cropland grew oats in 2020.

AFA advocates for federal policy to help Montana farmers diversify into producing fiber-rich food crops