Do you have experience with animal to plant-based farm transitions?

Alison Barnard is recruiting participants for her master’s thesis research on farm transitions. She will be conducting interviews remotely through Zoom, with the option of accessing through phone or video. It’s estimated that the interviews will take between 60 to 90 minutes, but the purpose of the interview is to hear about your experiences with farm transitions, so any amount of time you are willing to contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Alison Barnard at if you’re interested in being involved in the study.


$50 (USD) electronic Visa gift card for involvement in the interview process


1. Own and/or operate a farm in the U.S.

2. Animal agriculture has occurred on the farm.

2. Ended or reduced animal-based production

3. Replaced or are in the process of replacing the animal-based production with a form of plant-based production