“When You’re Not at the Table, You’re On the Menu.”

Why Lobby? Answer: Because it’s time we took our rightful seat at the table.

2019 was about entering the arena to advocate for the At-Risk Farmer and Rancher Transition and Diversification Act that founding AFA member, Laura Reese drafted with AFA’s partner, Lobbyists 4 Good, and that’s modeled after the Rancher Advocacy Program in Texas.

Rather than doing all of their own research, our lobbyist “taps” into the AFA crew for help, saving L4G time and and ultimately saving AFA money. Learn how you can help with AFA research.

But here’s where our plan really shines: it’s not just the Agriculture Fairness Alliance. The actual lobbying arm is an alliance of which AFA is just one member. Other members include environmental groups, free-market advocates, and food equity supporters, to list just a few.

Alliance members all share the goal of ending animal ag subsidies for their own reasons. By coming together with these other groups, AFA’s lobbying budget quickly multiplies. That’s how we raise a lobbying army. By building an alliance.

If you’re the kind of person who would say something like, “I’d donate $1,000 if I felt it was money well spent,” then we recommend you sign up as an annual member giving $1,000 per year, or as a monthly member giving $100 per month. You can Join Us Here.